Hello there. Lenovo's new T530

By Eric Vanderveer

This is my first ever physical review of a laptop and since I work for a computer consulting companyLenovo T530 that sells Lenovo, I thought it fitting I would review a Lenovo laptop.

I got my hands on a brand new Lenovo T530 that supports the new Intel Ivy bridge i7 processor, 4GB RAM and running Windows 7 Pro. The model I had did not come with an SSD hard drive.

Intel made their first official announcement of the 3rd generation processors back at the end of April. The new processors would give a 20% boost in performance for normal use but an even better performance boost for gamers and content creative people. Its security features will also help eliminate malware in Windows 8 and some Linux distributions.

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The network team at Chowen & Assoicates has started the wiring project at the new Presque Isle building just recently.  Presque Isle County is moving the Community Health, Building & Zoning and MSU Extension into the old Butcher Market.  29 drops of Category 5 ethernet cable were placed to the 3 offices and we will finish up with the setup of a CISCO switch in the MDF location.  

If you would like us to quote a network project for your business please give us a call at 989-356-3858.

This project is headed up by Trinity Architecture.


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In today's business market, employeers are always trying to find ways to save money,  from finding frugal ways for advertising to scouring the internet for the best deals on business equipment.  Maintaining your computers and network are not one of those that should be overlooked as well.  

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